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Small Business Tax Preparation Services

Whether you’re a Sole Proprietor, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or Corporation, filing your business tax return is complicated.  The US Federal tax law exceeds 74,000 pages. The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has 334 forms for businesses on the Forms and Publications page of its website. City of Philadelphia Home PageThe City of Philadelphia lists 14 different types of taxes it wants businesses to collect on its behalf.

Many of these taxes overlap. You also have to consider the impact of property purchases or sales, investments, health care and payroll and tax withholding requirements, and potential IRS, state or city tax problems. It’s not easy and it is time consuming.

Dale S. Goldberg & Associates Can Help

We know the tax law, ways to legitimately avoid overpaying taxes, and what raises a red flag with auditors. We can save you time and money while minimizing the risk of errors or an audit. We saved small business clients thousands of dollars last year alone.

Our “Best in Philly Accounting Services” are affordable. That’s because our office is located in northeast Philadelphia where rents are much lower than center city.

We know small business owners are busy. We return phone calls promptly with the answers you need. You can get on with doing what you do best – running your business.

Read what clients say about us. Call us (215-342-4200) or fill out our Contact Us form (top right) to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.