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    Bookkeeping Services Philadelphia PA

    Back office bookkeeping is usually not a strength or focus area for many small business owners. It is, however, an important part of running your business. You are required by law to maintain accurate financial records, and doing so will save you time, money, and aggravation.

    A lack of good accounting records is one of the reasons small businesses fail. Incomplete and/or inaccurate financial records lead to under and overpayments, inadequate budgeting and forecasting, late and/or incorrect tax filings, and poor customer service. If you can’t or don’t provide the information requested by the IRS, employees, customers, investors, suppliers, and lenders, it can lead to penalties and fees, a stoppage or slowdown in cash flow, and compromised or terminated relationships.

    Outsourcing Makes Sense For Small Business Owners

    Outsourced bookkeeping services make sense for many small businesses, especially when they’re just starting out. In the first few months and years, you’re too busy to focus on detailed record-keeping and the transaction volume typically does not warrant a full-time hire. After that, transaction volumes grow, accounting and tax planning and reporting more complex. You also need to begin to think strategically about where your money is going and where you can save. For all that, you need detailed and accurate record keeping.

    Bookkeepers record all financial transactions of a business. They label expenses, indicate who you paid and how much you paid, they track incoming payments, and keep a record of receipts. Bookkeepers help you survive an audit by making sure your records are in order and your deductions are deemed ordinary and necessary.

    We Can Help

    Dale S. Goldberg, CPA provides Philadelphia-area businesses with quick and easy access to their most accurate and up-to-date financial information. You control customer transactions, invoice approvals, and online bill payments. We structure and update your financial records, perform duplicate and error checks, and provide detailed and accurate reporting. We host your data in Quickbooks with offsite backups.

    If you are looking for bookkeeping services in Philadelphia or New Jersey, contact us using the form on the top right or call us at 215-342-4200. We’ll answer your questions and try our best to be of assistance. You can rest assured you won’t miss important tax payments, and focus on what’s most important – growing your business and taking care of customers.