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    Philadelphia Startup Accountant / CPA

    The Small Business Administration ( says half of small businesses fail in the first five years of operation. Michael Ames, a noted small business management author, says 4 out the 8 top reasons businesses fail are financial:

    • insufficient capital;
    • over-investment in fixed assets;
    • poor credit arrangement or management; and
    • using business funds for personal reasons.

    In our experience, proactive financial advice, planning, and control from a startup accountant / CPA can prevent these problems from occurring by offering an unbiased outside perspective and facts that help you make rational decisions.

    Contact us using the form on the top right or call 215-342-4200. We help small business owners structure their business for long-term success. We answer every call promptly.

    Phenominal customer service. They know exactly what you need.. even if you don’t. This was our startup year for the business and I would not go anywhere else. See you guys next year and thank you for all of the financial insight to my business!

    Startup Services

    We will help you figure out help whether you should start a corporation, LLC, LLP or something else. We help you:

    • craft business plans for yourself, banks and investors;
    • develop pricing strategies that account for margins, overhead, and taxes;
    • find ways to take advantage of financing options, negotiate favorable terms with vendors, and minimize your receivables;
    • decide whether you should hire part-time, full-time, or contract workers considering payroll taxes and benefits administration;
    • develop a contingency plan and exit strategy that prepares you for the future and unexpected.

    Spend time up-front on the structure and internal controls for your business. It pays off by bringing you peace of mind and financial protection. It also affords you the ability to spend more time down-the-road on strategy and customer service.