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    Individual Income Tax Preparation Services

    The US federal tax law is approximately 2,600 pages. Wading through all that to figure out exactly how much you owe takes time and energy. It’s complex, frustrating, and easy to make mistakes or, worse yet, miss out on a legitimate tax savings opportunity.

    It’s an even bigger challenge for Philadelphia and South Jersey residents because of potentially overlapping property, state, city, and sales taxes. If you add in the possibility of a home purchase or sale, marriage or divorce, inheritance, the birth of a child, job change, and / or any stock or real estate windfalls or losses, the problem quickly compounds.

    Don’t Overpay

    We make sure you pay what you owe and don’t overpay.

    Every year we save Philadelphia-area individuals and small businesses thousands of dollars by taking advantage of all the deductions and tax credits available to them. The time and aggravation you save, as well as the peace of mind you get knowing your taxes will be done correctly the first time, can easily justify the small cost of our professional Philadelphia tax preparation services. We also don’t charge expensive center city rates because we’re located in the Northeast where operating costs tend to be lower.

    For those looking to receive their tax refund quickly, we offer an Electronic Refund Checking (ERC) service. ERC is a service where you can file your return electronically and expect to receive a refund within two weeks. There is no need to wait longer.

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