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    Small Business Accounting Services

    Our Philadelphia small business accounting services are geared toward getting you off the ground quickly and enabling continued and profitable growth.

    • Just starting out? Not sure about licensing and laws? Our startup services help you figure out whether you should start a corporation, LLC or something else. We can help you structure your business in a way that protects you from liability and minimizes taxes owed.
    • Need a business plan to get financing, attract investors, or grow efficiently? We can help you come up with a sustainable business model and financial plan. We’ll listen to your business goals and assess where you stand in terms of your capital base, budget, payroll and taxes.
    • If you need tax or audit representation in your dealings with local, state or federal authorities, we provide those services as well.

    Lessen Your Load

    We know you’re time-strapped and need to prioritize operational needs over tedious and time-consuming bookkeeping and accounting details. We can help lessen your load and protect your business.

    We can play a day-to-day role in your financial operations or we can offer objective, third-party advice.

    Learn more about us. Fill out our Contact Us form (above right) or dial 215-342-4200 to schedule an appointment. Your first consult is free.