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    Charities and Awards

    one of the charities we support“Dash for Organ & Tissue Donor Awareness”

    The Dale Goldberg CPA staff are regular attendees of and contributors to the “Dash for Organ & Tissue Donor Awareness”. Hosted by the Gift of Life Donor Program, an organization which supports organ ( heart, lung, kidney and tissue ) transplants, the Dash for Organ &  Tissue Donor  Awareness is an annual 5k/10k road race that supports organ and tissue transplant.

    For more than 18 years, the road race has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help thousands of people live a normal life who would otherwise have had their life cut short due to a failing organ. Ten years ago, Dale Goldberg’s father-in-law benefited from the organization’s efforts when he was the recipient of a successful heart transplant.

    Read more about this great organization here.

    Cheltenham Township School District

    Mentor Program (Cheltenham, PA)

    Dale Goldberg was previously a mentor for the Cheltenham Township School District. He met with select children every week throughout the school year to help improve their confidence and attitudes while helping to turn their lives around.

    Goldberg supplied lunch to the children and took time to engage the children in various activities – from playing sports to participating in art projects. He was also acted as a confidante and guide to the children if they had problems or issues they chose to discuss with him.

    RSVP of Montgomery County

    RSVP of Montgomery County is an organization set up and funded by the state and federal government to help individuals with disabilities in the Montgomery County, PA area. As a volunteer, Goldberg does different things when called upon, including driving blind individuals and the elderly to doctors appointments or to go shopping.

    Sometimes Goldberg visits the elderly and disabled individuals in their homes to help them with chores or simply to keep them company and have a conversation. About his work with RSVP of Montgomery County, Goldberg had the following to say,

    “Each disabled individual has different needs – so depending on their need, I assist them as necessary. The time I spend is beneficial to the disabled person and extremely gratifying.”


    • Dale S. Goldberg and Associates won the 5 star certified public accountants award for Philadelphia in 2014 In 2014, Dale Goldberg & Associates won the 5 Star Certified Public Accountant award for Philadelphia.
    • In 1999, Goldberg was made a member of Kemper’s Executive Council.
    • In 2005 & 2006, Mass Mutual recognized Goldberg for his financial services.
    • Goldberg has also spoke before the IRS, Score and the Small Busineses Administration on various tax, accounting and financial subjects.
    • Goldberg authored “The New Business Owners Fact Kit”, which is a publication that has helped many new business owners in starting up a new business. It spells out what a new business owner should know before starting a new business including the laws of formation, types of entity to become and strategies to manage and set up a new business. There is also a part about hiring and the laws concerning benefits and taxes.